Zukkee Granola (Multiple Sized Packs)

Order 2 packs ($24 for 2 tubs) or 4 packs ($48 for 4 tubs) or any multiples of these two and four packs. Testimonials tell us Zukkee Granola is the very best granola you will ever have...

Come to the Farmer's Market and the people in front of and and behind you will be joking back and forth, "This stuff is crack. I can't stop eating it!"

Really though, this is Zukkee, the most healthy treat around! Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, cane sugar free, chemical free, preservative free, etc.

What's in it? Organic gluten free oats, organic coconut oil, organic unsweetened coconut flakes, raw pecan halves, sliced raw almonds, organic maple syrup, organic coconut sugar, organic vanilla extract, pure sea salt.

We ship daily from California via Fedex Two Day Delivery. Depending on how backed up we are when you order, your order will be shipped the same day you order to one week of your order placement.

You will automatically be sent an email when your order is processed and shipped which will include a Fedex Tracking number. To track your package, click on the tracking number. Your shipment is insured, but if you supply a faulty address there is no recourse to replace your granola.

You are going to love this Granola!


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