Yes, definitely. We bake our breads in a Certified Gluten Free facility that is inspected regularly by the County Health Department. No gluten is allowed in this bakery. Zukkee's owners, Bill & Alexandria, have serious, even life threatening food allergies; we are careful.

All that and more. Our friends (all of our customers are our friends) line up at the Farmer's Markets to buy our bread until we are sold out, and they tell us (and we honestly believe them) that this is the best tasting and most healthy Sourdough bread from sea to shining sea.

Many common foods that we eat daily create phytic acid. Phytic acid is called an anti-nutrient and can significantly (up to 98%!) reduce absorption of iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. and can create mineral deficiencies (ladies know we need more iron and calcium). The National Institute of Health studies show micronutrient malnutrition affects more than half of the world's population, and phytic acid is a food inhibitor that prevents micronutrients from being bioavailabe. Our sourdough starter is an active lactobacillus culture. This probiotic ferments and bakes into lactic acid which reduces the phytic acid in your gut and allows you to absorb those needed minerals and nutrients. 

Many tell us that our sourdough appeases their appetites; they actually eat less because they are not craving needed nutrients they are starving for that make them eat too often. 

Share your joy and send your friends a couple of loaves, or, We ship to all 48 contiguous states every week. Let everybody know they can get the best tasting and healthiest bread just by searching zukkee.com, with 2 K's 2 E's.

The nature of our active culture sourdough (like the really great English muffins) is that it is a Toasting bread; it is fully baked and healthy. It is baked at 100 degrees hotter than our other breads, but occasionally it stays a little sticky until it is in the refrigerator a day and then sliced and toasted. Push a straight-edged knife straight down to slice your sourdough; don't bother sawing with a serrated knife. Zukkee sourdough is so incredibly chewy and flavorful and so delightfully crunchy that you will love the little preparatory ritual. 

As said, we bake in a certified gluten free kitchen; there is no gluten in here, not even a reasonable possibility of gluten flour dust cross contaminating. Slice it. Toast it. Love life!

We ship daily from California via Fedex Two Day Delivery. Depending on how backed up we are when you order, your order will be shipped the same day you order, to one week of your order placement.                                                                                                                                                                                              Refrigerate Zukkee Sourdough upon arrival. If you will not be available when your bread arrives, arrange for someone to refrigerate it for you. 

An email will automatically be sent to you when Fedex receives and scans your package. To track your package, click on the tracking number in the email.                            Double check the address you supplied; Your shipment is insured, but if you supply a faulty address they will not replace your bread.

You are going to love this bread!