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About Us

Over 15 years ago, one of our children developed stomach pain so intense that she required repeat hospitalizations and tests. The key culprit was found to be gluten. We began buying gluten free products; breads, cereals, etc. We tried every brand of GF products locally available to us; In terms of pain reduction, they were "a life saver". But in terms of taste and enjoyment, they left something to be desired. So, being people who love to cook (Alexandria is a 4th generation Sicilian chef, and also a chemistry student, and you know, baking IS chemistry), and people who make cooking their art form, we began to work on our life's masterpiece; flours and baked goods that went beyond any baked goods in taste, texture, enjoyment, and good health. Over many years, we were prompted and prodded to offer our Zukkee sourdough to you.
From our little cottage bakery in Laguna Beach, California, we began to take samples to owners and managers of the best bakeries and eateries in Orange County. The response was always the same, "I can't stop eating it, this can't really be gluten free, it is just beyond delicious." At our first public offering of Zukkee bread to several hundred people, our entire available inventory was devoured in just moments. It was phenomenal; so here, for you, our Zukkee offering. All Natural Ingredients and All Gluten Free.                                     Love & Health to You, Bill & Alexandria