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When we began selling our sourdough bread at our local Laguna Beach, California farmer's market, we were almost immediately said to have (as a friendly, laughing expression) a "cult following". Because we nearly always sold out, dozens would be in line before we even got to the market! They would lovingly help us unload the truck and begin working with us to set up and stock the booth. Then they would take their place in line, each knowing who was 1st, 2nd and so on.   

Due to this incredible response, we believe this is the most delicious, Gluten Free or not, Sourdough ever. It's also vegan, starch free, chemical free and sugar free. We feed our wild Laguna Beach culture sourdough starter 2 or 3 times a day. This living probiotic lactobacillus culture bakes into lactic acid that literally defeats the phytic acid anti-nutrient in your gut and allows you to better process the essential nutrients that you so carefully consume - calcium for your bones and teeth, iron for your blood, etc. (ask your local university biology or nutritional science department if this is so).   

What's our mission?
Zukkee owners Bill and Alexandria have serious, even life threatening, food allergies. Some of our beloved customers and their children do too, and we know their pain. Others just want the most delicious and most healthy bread out there.                      

Our mission: Do our heartfelt best to give them what the Good Lord has given us: Zukkee Sourdough.

With love, Bill & Alexandria