Zukkee Sourdough Two Loaf Pack

Order in two-loaf packs ($24 for 2 loaves), or in increments of 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. breads. This two-loaf pack of Zukkee Sourdough bread is thought to be the very best Sourdough anywhere. Ingredients are Gluten Free Organic Flours, Vegan and Sugar Free. We feed our sourdough starter, a live probiotic Laguna Beach lactobacillus culture, two or three times a day. This culture has been absolutely scientifically proven to increase the ability to process essential nutrients.

We ship daily from California via USPS Priority Mail. Depending on how backed up we are when you order, your order will be shipped the same day you order to three workdays of your order placement. Refrigerate upon arrival, and you may want to pre-slice and freeze the second loaf. If you will not be available when your bread arrives, arrange for someone to pick it up and refrigerate or freeze it. 

We will send you an email when your order is processed and shipped which will include a USPS Tracking number. To track your package, copy and paste the tracking number into USPS.com/tracking site. Your shipment is insured, but if you supply a faulty address there is no recourse to replace your bread.

If you live in a western USA postal region,  you will probably have your GF Sourdough bread within one or two workdays (delivery possibly taking one day longer in the sparsely populated areas). If you are in a Mid or East Coast USA postal region you will probably have your Zukkee bread within 2 or 3 work days. 

We will email you a tracking number upon shipment. Delivery times are not guaranteed, but the USPS Priority Mail is very dependable. Please double check the address you provide, as we cannot be responsible for your errors on the shipping address.  You are going to love this bread!

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